The Most Ignored Secret of Becoming a Millionaire

One that will bring more money to flow into your bank account than any other "business strategy" or "secret"

Authored By : Abdul Careem

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The Easiest way to put more money in your bank account than any other strategy is....




Let me tell you a story.


One day I was sitting in my office and one of my good friend called me to speak and I was busy and told him I needed to call him back.


He asked me when I would be calling back and I said that I would in about 15 minutes.


2 hours later, when I had not yet returned his call, he called me back and like a true man (lol) I acted like nothing had happened and tried engaging with him in conversation and he was having none of it.


"Careem, you said you would call me back in 15 minutes and now it is 2 hours later"


"Yeah, I got busy, what did you need?"


"Careem, I need you to honor your word and agreements that is what I needed from you!"

… It was only a phone call...I protested.



"No Careem it was your WORD...if I cannot depend on you to honor your word and agreements to me then what can I count on you for?


He explained to me that every time that I do not honor my word, it literally injures my own soul.


"Careem when you do not honor your word on even the smallest agreement there is no POWER in your words."


My friend had taken me to the other side of life that afternoon and it changed my life.


I made a decision then to honor my word and agreements not just on the big things but with the smallest agreements.


I really started to pay attention to those little agreements that I was making and made sure I was honoring those agreements and if I could not, giving the other person the RESPECT to know that I could not honor that agreement as soon as I knew that I would not be able too.


Magical things began to happen to me when my words became iron like.


I believe that people today listen to the words you speak but they are also listening to the spirit and integrity of the words you you really mean what you say or are you full of crap?


People today throw their words around so carelessly making commitments that they have no intention of honoring and by doing so they do injure their own soul and their words have no iron in them.


Oh, you may be a "Smart Guy" and have the gift of gab and fool some people some of the time but you will not have long term success.


It used to be that a man’s handshake was as good as a contract. Even better than a contract.


Today, people use contracts and clauses in contracts to get out of a word or agreement that they made or they simply do not care.


Let me be clear with you, a contract may absolve you legally from a word or agreement but you are bankrupting yourself morally if that is how choose to conduct business today.


The internet is the great equalizer today.


If you have a track record of not honoring your word or agreements you will be found out.


You do not have integrity because you say you have have it because you have a track record of honoring your word and agreements.


Something else happens when you star honoring your word and agreements and your words start to have iron in them.


Because you are accountable to your word and agreements you now have earned the right to hold other people accountable for their word and agreements to you.


No one reading this is perfect including me.


But I can assure you that it is something I pay close attention to.


Forget about all the "secret" marketing methods and do the one that I will guarantee will put more revenue in your bank account than anything else.


Honor your word and agreements...all of them.


If you cannot honor them, then respect the person that you made the agreement to enough to let them know.


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Abdul Careem is the CEO of Inotrend International (A total IT solutions provider founded in 2001) and an Influence Marketing Consultant specializing in On-line Advertising, Business & Personality Development. Careem shows and has helped many businesses and individuals how to use online media to build their brand, generate leads and close sales. Connect with Abdul Careem on Google + | Abdul Careem on Linkedin | Abdul Careem on Facebook | Abdul Careem on Twitter

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